About Martha Amaro

Marcy Amaro, Speaking and Self-Leadership Coach, and Founder of the Igniter Series, helps heart-centered, contribution-driven, creative entrepreneurs and business owners rediscover themselves and live integrated lives so they can authentically and confidently create truly fulfilled lives and businesses. After more than 20 years as an educator, Marcy became disillusioned with what she perceived as the death of creativity and uniqueness, and the squelching of pure talent and ability. Recognizing that the effects of this trend extended to leadership in the marketplace, she turned her attention to helping leaders rise to their full potential by differentiating their talents, stories, and abilities. Through her proprietary Impact Igniter Playbook, and Wayfinder Leadership Trainings she has helped her clients land and create transformational impact experiences across the world over the past 12+ years. Marcy is an international speaker and has been featured on Authority Magazine, and many live and virtual stages including the Puerto Rico Association of Realtors, and ASOPYMES (The Puerto Rican Association of Small and Medium Enterprises). She has shared the stage with the likes of Dr. Shad Helmstetter, Michael Sorensen, Natasha Miller, Lisa A. Romano, and Dr. Zoe Shaw. She is the host of the Sincerely Speaking Podcast and for her expertise has been featured on The Humane Marketing Podcast and Live on Purpose Radio.