Article By: Marcie Amaro

“What have I done?!?!”

I just couldn’t shake that question.
Had I just made the biggest, most costly mistake of my life?
How would I EVER live with myself if this decision ruined my family forever?
I had so many questions, so many fears, and so many doubts as I boarded, all by
myself, the plane that would take me from Puerto Rico to Florida.
It had been a REALLY rough year.
We had faced so many challenges, and had run across so many obstacles…
But, we prayed, we talked, we weighed the pros and the cons and knew that this
was the right move.
So, leaving my husband and my 2 young daughters behind, I ventured to
Wellington, Florida hoping to find a better future for all of us.
The next few months would present the greatest challenges of my adult life (up
until that time).
Never in my wildest dreams could I have imagined that they would also lead me to
some of the greatest discoveries, growth, wisdom, and transformation of my adult
Have you ever felt like you’re drowning on dry land?
You know what I mean. That sensation of not being able to breathe and feeling like
your lungs are about to collapse, but you’re nowhere near water.
You’re simply drowning in a pool of your own fears and ruminations.
Everything feels like it’s spinning, and you simply can’t seem to catch your breath!
That sensation woke me up in the middle of the night, every night, for weeks.
“How will we manage?”
“What if we can’t figure this out?”
“Do we have what it takes to make it out of this mess?”
It was, without a doubt, the most challenging time we’d experienced as a family.
My husband and I had both lost huge chunks of our income. At this point, I was
trying my hand at anything I could think of. From baking cakes to tutoring, and
even selling jewelry… I didn’t leave a single stone unturned.
Still, the fear that we wouldn’t be able to stay afloat was oppressive.
You know how the mind works.
I could already see us living under a bridge, my girls covered in soot, and all of us
begging for scraps and pushing grocery carts filled with anything and everything
that could help us keep warm, dry, and alive.
Of course, we would never let it get that far. But my brain is extremely gifted at
catastrophizing and envisioning the absolute worst possible scenarios!
The fact was, however, that we couldn’t just keep doing the same thing while
expecting different results.It was time to do something drastic.
Faced with a choice between hoping things would gradually get better at home, and
moving in an effort to create a better tomorrow, my husband and I decided to take a
HUGE leap of faith.
I applied to a few jobs in Florida, and a door opened! The problem? I would have to move by myself first.
We couldn’t afford to pick up and move all at once. So, I had to come stay with one
of my sisters while I got things situated. In the meantime, my husband would
continue working to make sure the girls got what they needed until I could get a
place for all of us to move into. Keep in mind, my girls were 7 and 3 at the time. It broke my heart to even think of leaving them, especially since I had no clue how long it would take for me to get settled and send for them.
Stop for a moment, and answer this question: What is the ONE thing you don’t
think you’d be able to survive? I mean, that one thing that you try to push away
from your thoughts because you just KNOW you don’t have what it takes to
survive it?
For me, that was the thought of leaving my kids. And, that was the choice I was facing.
So, when I tell you that scared doesn’t even begin to describe how I felt at that
moment, I mean it!
“Courage is not the absence of fear, but rather the judgment that something is more
important than fear.”
I don’t know the original source of that quote, but I first heard it from Mia’s dad in
The Princess Diaries movies. And, it perfectly summarizes why I went forward
with this plan.
So, armed only with my faith and the conviction that there was something MUCH
bigger at stake, I boarded the plane that would take me an ocean away from my
girls and my husband, and headed to a new life in a place I had never even heard of
up until a few weeks prior to my departure.

THE CONCLUSION (And how this relates to you)
I wish I could say that everything was smooth sailing from that moment on.
I wish I could tell you that everything worked seamlessly and that we immediately
got everything sorted out because I stepped into what scared me.
Truth? It would be almost three months before I hugged my babies again. And, in
all honesty, I thought about giving up MANY times.
But, it was also during that time that a lot of the skills, strategies, and tools I use to
support my clients in their transformations were born.
After all, it HAS been said that your greatest challenge often becomes your greatest
It was during those months of loneliness and fear that I remembered lessons
learned long before from my parents and other mentors.
I dusted off memories from hundreds of books I’d read over the years. Took the
time by myself to research and learn some more. As I kept putting one shaky foot
in front of the other, I slowly transformed myself, my life, and the lives of those
around me.
Now, I spend my days helping and supporting innovative leaders who are ready to
transform their industries and the lives of the people they’re called to serve. I help
them speak with authentic authority, expand their thought leadership and create
movements that make the world a better place.
I help people who are tired of seeing so-called “experts” mislead and confuse
others, step out of obscurity and share their messages with boldness.
I support those who KNOW they have a new perspective to bring into their
industry, and I give them the tools to speak confidently, connect authentically, and
share their innovative thought leadership with the world.

Are you ready to join the Wayfinders, the movement makers, the innovators, the
true leaders who lead themselves first, enroll others into powerful vision, and
create purposeful, world-elevating tribes?
Will it be scary? Probably.
Will it be worth it? DEFINITELY!
Not sure how? That’s where I come in!
Connect with me on social @marcy.amaro or email me
to learn more.
Let’s change the world through the vision we share!

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About the Author: Martha Amaro

Marcy Amaro, Speaking and Self-Leadership Coach, and Founder of the Igniter Series, helps heart-centered, contribution-driven, creative entrepreneurs and business owners rediscover themselves and live integrated lives so they can authentically and confidently create truly fulfilled lives and businesses. After more than 20 years as an educator, Marcy became disillusioned with what she perceived as the death of creativity and uniqueness, and the squelching of pure talent and ability. Recognizing that the effects of this trend extended to leadership in the marketplace, she turned her attention to helping leaders rise to their full potential by differentiating their talents, stories, and abilities. Through her proprietary Impact Igniter Playbook, and Wayfinder Leadership Trainings she has helped her clients land and create transformational impact experiences across the world over the past 12+ years. Marcy is an international speaker and has been featured on Authority Magazine, and many live and virtual stages including the Puerto Rico Association of Realtors, and ASOPYMES (The Puerto Rican Association of Small and Medium Enterprises). She has shared the stage with the likes of Dr. Shad Helmstetter, Michael Sorensen, Natasha Miller, Lisa A. Romano, and Dr. Zoe Shaw. She is the host of the Sincerely Speaking Podcast and for her expertise has been featured on The Humane Marketing Podcast and Live on Purpose Radio.

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