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A new year brings with it so many opportunities. It’s a chance to reset and refocus our goals
from the past year and commit to renewing our efforts to live healthier, wiser and with more
purpose. If your new year includes more reading, here are a few suggestions to get you started.
Thrillers are a great way to kick off your new reading year-you can even listen on the treadmill!
Be sure to check out a few how-to books. It’s never a bad idea to get some new recipes,
workout tips or self-care advice.
There is a lot of buzz out there for Alex Michaelides upcoming release, The Fury. Michaelides’
2019 blockbuster thriller The Silent Patient debuted at the top of the New York Times
Bestseller’s list and sold over six million copies worldwide. The Fury promises to take readers
on another psychological thrill ride. Eliot is our charming, yet unreliable narrator as he spins the
tale of his ex-superstar friend, Lana Farrar and her invited guests on her private Greek island.
One of the guests is murdered and an unrelenting and malicious Greek wind called the Fury
traps the guests as the traditional who-done-it ensues. Elliot speaks directly to the reader as he
gives backgrounds on each character. The reader learns that Lana’s husband and son are on
the island, as well as two servants with their own alarming histories. Eliot deepens each
character and builds the tension through stories of jealousy, resentment and manipulation. But
can the reader depend on Eliot to deliver the whole picture? The structure of The Fury might
suffer in the hands of a less talented writer. But Michaelides expertly combines elements of
Agatha Christie-esque mystery with hints of Greek drama and modern psychological suspense.
Written in five acts, The Fury promises to be one of the first bestsellers of 2024!
Rachel Hawkins’ The Heiress tells the story of an unwanted inheritance and the dark secrets
that come to light after Ruby McTavish dies. Camden, Ruby’s adopted son and his wife, Jules
have built an independent life for themselves in California. Ten years after Ruby’s death,
Camden and Jules are forced to return to Ashby House to settle his mother’s lavish and
complicated estate. Once known as the richest woman in North Carolina, Ruby is also known as
“Lady Kill-More” as four of her husbands mysteriously died. The Heiress is told through three
perspectives: Camden, the seemingly foolish son who rejected the nine-figure inheritance;
Jules, his innocent wife who secretly dreams of wealth and luxury; and Ruby, the alleged
husband killer whose letters reveal the secrets of her traumatic childhood and her four
marriages. The Ashby House itself has mysteries to reveal in this fast paced, page turner filled
with unexpected twists. The three voices with their own reservations greatly added to the
suspense and it felt like an uneasy, but thrilling read. I don’t think I’ve read anything so quickly in
quite a long time!
In our efforts towards self-improvement, there are a few books that will help start the new year
off on the right foot. Celebrity chef Jamie Oliver releases another installment of his Five
Ingredients series: Mediterranean: Simple Incredible Food. What better way to enjoy the

Mediterranean cooking trend than with easy to follow recipes and healthy and delicious
ingredients that are good for you too! If you’re looking to unlock your creative potential this year,
try Julia Cameron’s Living the Artist’s Way: An Intuitive Path to Greater Creativity which hits
shelves on January 9th. Cameron’s popular Artist’s Way series has connected readers with their
spiritual sides through meditative writing. Her latest book thoughtfully guides readers and writers
to question, “what should I write next?” and encourages cultivating a connection to one’s
Take the “book versus film” challenge this January with two big bestsellers that are in theaters
and streaming now. Daniel James Brown’s blockbuster The Boys in the Boat tells the captivating
story of the 1936 Men’s Olympic Rowing Team. Follow the underdogs from the University of
Washington who defied the odds to capture the world’s attention and hearts during a pivotal
time. Killers of the Flower Moon: The Osage Murders and the Birth of the FBI is streaming now
on Apple TV. David Grann’s 2017 bestseller recounts the horrific crimes committed against the
Osage Tribe as oil was discovered on their land in the 1920’s. As more and more Osage are
killed, the newly formed FBI starts to investigate a huge conspiracy in American history. Despite
the large cast of characters, this gripping story reads like a novel and brings to life an incredible
narrative that keeps the reader wanting more. Grann’s latest The Wager was released in 2023
and is still enjoying its long run on the bestsellers list. Grab the books and compare them to the
movies! Is the book always better than the film? A fine activity for the winter months!

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About the Author: Cher Collins

Cher Collins is a librarian by day who once made a New Year's resolution to write more. She enjoys the outdoors, as long as it is not biting her and she aspires to make her bed everyday. Cher is also an amateur genealogist whose family stories are fodder for future historical fiction novels. She watches more Netflix than she should, is a self-proclaimed coffee nut, and truly appreciates the little things in life. She lives in Western Massachusetts with her husband, teenage daughter and rescue dog named Opie.

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