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As we step into April 2024 child abuse is still steadily on the rise. Are you
aware of the statistics? Now that we have come out of the pandemic, you
would think that things would be turning around a bit, but the harsh truth is
abuse and neglect are getting worse.
Children all over the world are being abused right this very moment. Think
about that sentence!
As we move forward in our daily lives, children are being neglected, abused,
traumatized and sexually assaulted. How is it possible, that in this day and
age, it is getting worse instead of better? The news stories are riddled with
countless acts of horrific abuse and death of children. One by one we see
these sweet faces come across our computer screens, and I know for myself I
cringe every single time and say a prayer for these innocent souls that are
preyed upon.
If you go to your news feed right now in this very moment you will see another
sweet child missing or found deceased. Most of these children are dying by
the hands of their own parents or caregivers. The very people that are
supposed to be protecting our youth, are actually the ones harming them the
How disheartening and disgusting is that to say out loud!
We, as a community and a nation, need to do better. If I had to give our nation
a grade for the level of attention and support brought to this subject, I will
offer up a D-
Too many children continue to fall through the cracks, and this is
unacceptable. Our court systems and child protective services continue to
drop the ball over and over again. The time is now for change.
We MUST step up and advocate for our children on a broader level. They
deserve better!
All children have a right to have a safe and loving home. They need a strong
foundation and a positive circle to guide them. That old phrase “It takes a
village to raise a child”, rings so very true. A Strong Village!

What can we do to make changes?
We need to speak out and ask the questions. Always be aware of our
surroundings, and most importantly report abuse. The bottom line is we must
save the child who is struggling. It is not about protocols, it’s about human
If you are a mandated reporter, please do not be afraid to step up for our
youth, it is so important. Our schools are supposed to be a safe haven for
our kids, but that is not always the case. Bad people still find their way in and
harm children. We must be vigilant in our quest to keep them safe.


Take the time to educate yourself on the laws in your community and state. Be
proactive and advocate for awareness and change of policies. Do your part in
making changes happen. Again (and I cannot say this enough) Do not be
afraid to ask the questions, because you may be saving a life!
I will continue to be a voice for the voiceless, and I ask that all of you step up
and do your part. The children are OUR future and the next generation, we
need to lift them up not allow them to be torn apart.
I stand for the children, who is standing with me?
Embrace the Journey,
God Bless
Lisa Zarcone

About the Author:
Lisa Zarcone

Author – Public Speaker – Child & Mental Health Advocate – Social Media
Massachusetts National Ambassador for Naasca (National Association of
Adult Survivors of Child Abuse)
2023 Woman of Impact – Business West Magazine – Western Massachusetts

Please check out this article that I wrote about child abuse holds NO gender.
All children are at risk.
(Adult Survivors of Child Abuse)

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