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The days are getting longer, the taxes are due, and spring allergies are emerging. It must be
April! With the arrival of Spring, book lovers are awaiting the release of some excellent reads as we move our favorite reading spots from the couch to the porch. New books from bestselling authors include David Baldacci’s latest, Calamity of Souls and Don Winslow’s third in the Danny Ryan trilogy, City of Ruins. Fans of A Gentleman in Moscow and Rules of Civility might be pleased to learn that Amor Towles will release a collection of short stories called Table for Two:Stories this week.

Blockbuster author Emily Henry is fairly new to the scene, but her books have been taking off in popularity. Following the success of 2023’s Happy Place, Henry’s Funny Story hits shelves on April 23. As the title would imply, Henry sets the scene for a rom-com about fake dating, love after loss and a wild ride of mismatched love for children’s librarian, Daphne. Daphne and Peter are set to be married until Peter reveals that he is in love with Daphne’s best friend, Petra. Oh, and she has to move out in one week. Having nowhere to go, Daphne moves in with Petra’s ex, Miles-her polar opposite. Having nothing in common and barely tolerating each other, Daphne and Miles are surprised when they each receive an invitation to Peter and Petra’s wedding.

While drowning their sorrows, Daphne and Miles boldly respond that they will attend the
wedding together-as a couple. Fake dating blossoms into a true friendship, but could it develop into something more for this mismatched pair with all the wrong things in common? Henry’s razor sharp wit and likable characters shine in Funny Story. For what seems to be a confusing premise, the dialog and story building leave the reader crystal clear about the who’s who and what’s what in Henry’s enjoyable book. Emily Henry fans take note-rumor has it that a few of her books will be adapted for the big screen! Stay tuned!
Good news for psychological thriller readers! BookTok is already buzzing with the release of
She’s Not Sorry by Mary Kubica. Meghan Michaels is an ICU nurse and single mom to a
teenage daughter in downtown Chicago. Life is intense enough with the everyday working-
mother challenges, but things take a dramatic turn when she begins caring for a new coma
patient, Caitlin, who is left with a traumatic brain injury after attempting suicide. Meghan goes above and beyond for the patient and her family and soon finds herself questioning whether Caitlin actually jumped or was she pushed? Meanwhile, there has been a recent string of attacks on women in the neighborhood and a witness has come forward to say that Caitlin was pushed. The more Meghan investigates, the more danger she finds for herself and her
daughter. Kubica blends multiple storylines and uses unreliable narrators to build the suspense in this twisty, tense story that will keep readers turning the pages. Kubica is known for her suspense-building, but this one could be devoured in a day or two-it’s hard to put down!

If you’re looking for a new author, Australian novelist Sally Hepworth is worth checking out. Hepworth’s Darling Girls comes out this month, following the modest U.S. successes of 2021’s
The Good Sister and 2023’s The Soulmate. Darling Girls thrills readers with the story of Jessica, Norah, and Alicia-three women who bonded as children at Wild Meadow Foster Home, an idyllic farmhouse where things looked perfect-on the surface. Their foster mother, Miss Fairchild insisted on creating the ideal facade, but manipulation and torment ruled behind closed doors. When Wild Meadow is sold and human remains are found underneath their childhood home, the women return to give statements and confront Fairchild. Told in alternating voices and times, Hepworth creates tension as the mystery escalates. What happened at Wild Meadow? Although some readers could be turned off by yet another portrayal of an abusive foster care system, most will be mesmerized by the intelligent characters, the harsh backstory, and the twists alongthe way.

There are two noteworthy non-fiction books hitting the shelves this month. Devil in the White City author, Erik Larson, comes out with a new book this month. Demon of Unrest: Saga of Hubris, Heartbreak and Heroism at the Dawn of the Civil War hits shelves April 30. And prolific author James Patterson delivers The Secret Lives of Bookseller and LIbrarians: Stories of the Magic of Reading. Both are sure to dig deep and entertain readers!
Enjoy the page-turning, whatever you decide to read!

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