By: Rose Saucier, Contributing Writer

Every year, we host a 12-week Body Transformation Contest at our gym. The contest winner is based on the highest percentage of body fat lost. We also have another category for the largest increase in muscle weight. The winning categories were separated for top male and female.
This contest was structured to encourage all participants to lose weight the healthy way. So, what is the healthy way to lose weight and transform your body?
Losing weight, the healthy way consists of 3 things:
1. Cardio
2. Weight training
3. Eating Healthy
The hardest part for most people is their nutrition. It’s always helpful to meet with a Certified & Licensed Nutritionist that can give you meal plans for breakfast, lunch and dinner. They can also give you advice on restaurants that are healthier options as well easy recipes for healthy meals at home.

The results of the contest this year were unlike any other in the previous 10 years. The gap was closing between the males and females.
The overall male winner lost 7.8% body fat and the overall female winner lost 7.7% body fat.
The overall muscle gain winner for male was 2.0 lbs. and the female winner was 3.9 lbs.
The couples who competed in this contest were in the top five rankings. This is a result of the support and competitive nature of the participants. They were working out as well as choosing to eat healthier. It should be important for not only you but for your whole household to choose a healthier lifestyle.
Another good investment in your health is to join a gym and hire a Personal Trainer. Your PT can do a Health Assessment and help you set reasonable goals for yourself. Hiring a Personal Trainer will also give you accountability and you will have someone to push you out of your comfort zone. When you work hard and go out of your comfort zone, you will see results.

“Your journey to a healthier weight is not a journey that you start and then give up. It is a journey that you are living every day for the rest of your life.”
-Thich Nhat Hanh


By Published On: June 12, 2023Categories: Health & Wellness

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