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Mystery fans, take note! On Wednesday, May 1st, the Mystery Writers of America will
acknowledge the best of the best in mystery fiction and non-fiction when they announce the
winners of the 2024 Edgar Awards for books published in 2023. Among the nominees are some
familiar names like James Lee Burke and William Kent Krueger, as well as a category for
American debut authors. For a complete list of nominees and the eventual winners, please

The mystery genre remains one of the most read styles of books. Whether you dabble in cozies,like a heart-stopping thriller, or just appreciate the traditional whodunits; there are mysteries for everyone these days. A few notable releases this month include a new thriller from blockbuster author Harlan Coben called Think Twice and Stuart Turton’s latest, Last Murder at the End of the World – a speculative work that reads like a supernatural, science fiction, murder mystery. Last Murder is getting big buzz and is already highly anticipated on several literary “must read”
lists. May has a lot to offer! Let’s take a closer look at a few titles hitting the shelves this month. Alex Finlay is making a name for himself with his edge-of-your-seat thrillers. His debut release in 2021, Every Last Fear gained critical acclaim and is currently in development for a limited
streaming series. If Something Happens to Me tells the suspenseful story of Ryan, a law student eager to move on from a traumatic incident from five years before. In a brutal attack, Ryan is left unconscious and his girlfriend Alison disappears from the car without a trace. With no leads for five years, Ryan is desperate to escape suspicion for a crime he did not commit. Since he was ever charged for her disappearance, he changes his name and starts law school in the hopes of a fresh start. While on vacation in Italy, Ryan receives a phone call that brings it all back.

Alison’s car is found at the bottom of the lake with two dead men inside and a cryptic note from Alison-if something happens to me…Meanwhile, in Italy, Ryan sees the man who he remembers
as the attacker on the night Alison disappeared. How can their attacker know his whereabouts so far away from home? And what was Alison’s note trying to say? Finlay takes readers on a wild ride with twists and turns that have become his signature style. The pacing is perfect if you like fast action that builds suspense on every page. Readers beware: you might find yourselfmunable to put this book down. Add this to your summer lists today to avoid long waits at themlibrary! Finlay is at the top of his game!

If your mystery tastes are more sinister and lean towards horror, then Bless Your Heart by Lindy Ryan may be the next book for you. Blending mystery, horror (think vampires) and a little Southern charm, Bless Your Heart is the series launch about four generations of the Evans women who run a Texas funeral home in the 1990’s. When the undead start showing up around,town, the Evans women know how to best handle the gruesome attacks. But when one of their,own could be the monster wreaking havoc on their rural town, deep family secrets are revealed.,Make no mistake, Bless Your Heart isn’t for the faint of heart. Descriptions are graphic but deftly, handled with witty and charming dialog among the characters. The combination of horror and mystery with indisputable Southern sass that creates a compelling read if you heed the trigger warnings and prepare for a debut that is as grizzly as it is glorious.

On the lighter side of the bookshelves is the third installment of the Bangalore Detectives Club by Harini Nagendra. A Nest of Vipers is the third in a charming mystery series set in Bangalore,
India in the 1920’s. The series features amateur detective Kaveri and her doctor husband Ramu,as they are thrown into solving mysteries at a time when traditional British rule kept women at,home. Kaveri is a smart and modern woman whose natural curiosity puts her in the right places,at the right times.The third book, A Nest of Vipers, features Kaveri and Ramu teaming up when,a dead body turns up during a magic show. While investigating, they discover a complex web of,clues leading up to potential danger around the upcoming visit from the Prince of Wales.,Growing unrest across India comes to Bangalore and Kaveri has a front row seat. The,well-paced plot and the lush setting will entertain readers fond of the traditional whodunits. The,historical context brings the beautiful Indian culture to life. A fantastic cozy that will transport,readers in time and space.
Best beach read lists start to take shape in May too! Next month, we’ll take a look at some easy,reads that will fit in your beach bag, your luggage, and the ever-expanding TBR (to be read!) lists. Happy Reading!

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