Compliance officers have traditionally been seen by most business owners as kind of like police officers they made sure that everything was done according to the book so the company did not get in trouble with the government or regulators.

Not anymore. The compliance officer is no longer just an enforcement cop, but an integral part of the management team who can have a dramatic impact on the bottom line. Compliance offers today can deliver not only protection from a wide variety of company problems, but can also positively impact productivity, employee morale, a company’s brand and a host of other business issues.

In this book, author Beth Haddock addresses why compliance officers in the trenches need not only technical expertise but also a business system. It is no longer good enough to just handle the traffic cop role of bare compliance. Today’s compliance officers must be able to deliver on a wide variety of fronts to help their businesses succeed.

In Triple Bottom-Line Compliance, you’ll learn how today’s compliance officers can produce a better return on investment (ROI) and increase brand protection, reduce risks, increase productivity and stimulate employee engagement. Because these days, a good compliance officer can not only keep a company out of trouble, it can also help it realize its full value.
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By Published On: October 30, 2018Categories: Book Review

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Ms. Ferrero is the CEO of Western Mass Women Magazine as well as the founder of several women's mentor and advocacy groups along the east coast.

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