Each year, a staggering 1.3 billion tonnes of food waste is produced across the world, this is not only a huge environmental problem, but poses ethical and financial problems too.

Across household waste, retail waste and food service waste, countries are producing mass amounts. The US produces the third largest amount of food waste globally, they also rank 9th overall in terms of producing the most waste per capita in the three sectors mentioned. The US produces 20,934,827 million tonnes in food service waste alone per year, that’s 63.62kg per capita.

Using figures from the UNEP Food Waste Index Report, Bosch have taken a deep dive into this global issue and have created a study highlighting the statistics to see which of the world’s largest 99 exporters are responsible for producing the most food waste.

The countries producing the most food waste each year are:

China, producing 179 million tonnes a year
India, producing 128 million tonnes a year
USA, producing 45 million tonnes a year

Data reveals that Malaysia is ranked 1st for contributing to food waste on a per capita basis. Per capita they produce 91.44kg for household waste, 89.56kg for food service waste and 78.82kg for retail waste on a yearly basis. Compare this to Russia, a country with a higher population, who only produce 33.38kg of household waste a year per capita.

For more information on with stats across household waste, food service waste & retail waste for the 99 countries featured. See the full study here: https://www.bosch-home.co.uk/experience-bosch/global-food-wa

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