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Everyone has a purpose in life, and we each discover it at various stages of life. At
only nine-years-old, Brittany Harris discovered hers. While at a Children of the
World concert for her church, she heard the alarming statistic that one billion
people across the world live without access to clean water. Then, Brittany heard
the lord’s voice, clear as day telling her that she needed to help those less
fortunate than her. Despite growing up within a society that is not really
accepting of God, Brittany credits her success to finding an identity within Christ.
A junior in high school now, Brittany has partnered with the non-profit
organization Water Wells for Africa (WWFA) and has raised enough money to
build twenty-seven water wells in Malawi, Africa. She has organized fundraisers
over the past eight years in order to get her community involved in the
organization as much as possible. Baking is one of Brittany’s passions, and every
year she gathers her friends and family together a few days prior to Thanksgiving
to make homemade pies and cake balls that people have ordered. Another
fundraiser that she has orchestrated over the past couple of years, is entitled
Walk for Water. It is meant to mimic the challenges that women have to go
through in walking for miles with a bucket of water on their head. They gather
buckets from Home Depot and fill them up a quarter of the way and challenge
people to walk around a track that way they can get a taste of the physical
exertion that many people have to go through on a daily basis in order to survive.
Additionally, 100% of all of the profits that she receives goes toward the water
Brittany has had the honor of visiting Malawi, Africa twice and being able to
witness the trajectory of her work. It’s not only the people in the villages that
benefit from having clean water, but the animals do as well. From her time there,
Harris witnessed the civilians becoming happier and accepting God into their
lives, as a result of being given another chance at life. While Brittany’s work is
nothing shy of inspiring, she needs other’s support to be able to continue with it.
With the holiday season here, remember to be thankful for those around you and
keep the true meaning of Christmas close to your heart!
If you wish to donate to Brittany’s cause, please visit

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