KIERIN NYC only recently launched, but is already on theise as the first and only niche-fragrance celebrating the real stories of NYC life illuminated by fragrance. We are a clean, conscious, cruelty-free, vegan, sustainably sourced, gender-inclusive brand. Diversity and inclusion are core to our brand, not just an afterthought. We use art (graffiti, mural, pop-art) as muse in our celebration of real people, young people of all ages and individualists boldly inspired to Be. Our first four scents are:

KIERIN first four scents are:

strong>Nitro Noir: an irresistible rendezvous with the city night. Hypnotic, sensual head notes of orris flood the senses with intense heart notes of vibrant pink-berries and a pucker of bergamot infused in a delectable dry down of earthy patchouli for a scent that is sexy and impossible to resist! Youtube review by Tiff Benson (here).

10 a.m. Flirt: a magnetic encounter with the city’s limitless possibilities. Fresh, clean and crisp head notes of gardenia flood the senses with a flirty, green scent and move through the heart notes of fig drying down onto woodsy notes of sandalwood and cashmere wood for a magnetic attraction. YouTube review by ImagineScents (here).

Santal Sky: a soulful retreat from city life in the midst of it all. Intimate, incandescent head notes of sandalwood moving serenely through warm heart notes of saffron and cardamom with an indulgent dry down infused with notes of vetiver refresh your soul for a scent that leaves you wanting more. YouTube review by Brooklyn Fragrance Lover (here).

Sunday Brunch: a scent story of a luminous ritual with “city family”. Charismatic, effervescent head notes of Italian bergamot moving lightly to heart notes of lemon with a dry down infused with base notes of Earl Grey Tea for a scent celebratory of good times! YouTube review by Mallory Corneilson (here).

As a fierce female founder, I care deeply about what our brand stands for. We frequently collaborate to give back to the causes we support and are a community oriented, disruptive, digitally-driven brand. I would be honored and thrilled to have the chance to chat with you for 15 minutes and explore the possibility of collaborating, or providing you with content as a resource on the topic of trends, the future of fragrance, sustainability, green beauty, clean beauty and gender-equality.

Mona Maine de Biran of KIERIN NYC appeared on covers and in magazines, catalogs and on television throughout Europe, Asia and America during a successful career as an international model.

ABOUt the Founder:

My passion for perfumes came to me later in life, though I’ve always been emotionally touched by scent. Two of my earliest scent memories are of fascination, the smell of freshly spritzed Chanel No. 5 comingled with that of patchouli incents hovering in the air around my mother as she prepared for a night out, and the scent of comfort wafting into my room in the morning, aromas from a distant kitchen of freshly made southern biscuits, cherry pie and Halston cologne. My experience of perfume has rarely been pure, always tainted by the place in which it was experienced.It took years for me to realize fragrance lived in the moment, not just in a bottle, and was meant for more for than just sniffing. I credit my husband, a veteran in the beauty and fragrance industry, for exposing me to this awareness. Whether consciously or subliminally detected, scent has a primal ability to move people’s moods and leave an imprint on both the individual and, by consequence, the world. My passion for perfumes was born when I became aware of scent’s ability to deeply connect person-to-self and people-to-people. Perfumes weren’t just precious things in pretty bottles. I fell in love with niche-fragrance for its uniqueness and talent for wordlessly communicating a whole scenario or state of being within the individual.
Whether by virtue of nature or nurture, I’ve been a fiercely independent character since I was a child. My early years were marked with feelings of being an outsider, a bit of a rebel without a cause. This led me to branch out and travel the world- for work, discovery and pleasure. Fortune favored me, gave me the opportunity to be a professional model, a career I chose to pursue mostly abroad to fulfill my own yearnings. Everywhere I went a book, paper and pen were in my hands. I would jot down stories, poems, questions and musings of my own “Mona Moments.” Country to country, I traveled on my own but was never alone. A people person, I applied myself to a self-study of languages and became fluent in French, Spanish and Italian. I even got by in Greek and Japanese during the years I spent in those countries because, however new or hard the task, it has always been in my nature to persevere and express. My love and respect for individualism, diversity and support for equality and inclusion grew in those years living abroad. So, too, did my understanding and appreciation for the human experience

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