The majority of Americans are satisfied with their jobs. According to The Conference Board, that is the highest share of satisfied workers since it started conducting business surveys nearly 50-years ago. This impressive level of job satisfaction is being credited to hybrid work arrangements, job flexibility and the tight labor market that has allowed people who dislike their jobs to quickly find another.

“I am and have been a longtime proponent of employees being in office five days a week. I still think it’s the model which encourages camaraderie and generates new ideas however for some employees the hybrid model works on many different levels and this survey at least seems to bear that out, ” says Business Analyst and president of Business Management Firm ‘7 Stage Advisors’ Carl Gould (see short bio below).

There is however a gender gap when it comes to work satisfaction. Women, according to the survey, were less satisfied than men in 26 of the work categories including leave policies, promotions and culture. The biggest gap between the sexes was in the category of job security.

So is this now the norm? Or will we someday return to the more traditional office setting?


Carl Gould is a worldwide leading authority on business. His company, 7 Stage Advisors helps organizations grow to the next level. He is an entrepreneur who built three multi-million dollar businesses by age 40. 7 Stage Advisors, has mentored the launch of over five thousand businesses. Some of the companies he’s helped are companies like Allstate, American Idol , USA Olympic Track, IBM, McGraw-Hill and the US Army.

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