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In the absence of feedback, people often presume they are doing poorly. In the words of legendary coach Pat Summit, they prefer to “fill in the blanks with a negative.”

People have a genuine need to know where they stand in the eyes of the leader. Leaders who are reluctant to praise, criticize, or comment on how people are doing sow the seeds of doubt more than they know.

Leaders who have been in the role for a long time and who work with highly tenured team members are especially susceptible to this problem. They, too, often presume people know how they are doing, receive plenty of external feedback, and no longer need the ongoing assessment of the leader to know how well or poorly they are doing.

This is a big mistake.

Even when things are going swimmingly, team members want to hear from the leader about how they see their performance. In the absence of feedback, team members often presume their work is not being valued, their ideas are not of interest, and their performance is only adequate. Imaginations run wild when information about performance is not forthcoming.

Too many leaders believe leaving experienced people alone to do their work is a reward. When people need them or want some feedback, they should be comfortable enough to ask. After considerable time, people outgrow the need for praise, validation, and criticism. This is a faulty view. No one outgrows the need for feedback, especially the encouragement, praise, and advice only leaders can give.

Think about your most experienced team members. How often do you tell them they are doing exceptional work or offer suggestions for their growth and improvement? Don’t fall into the habit of omitting these conversations. Everyone, no matter how skilled and expert, wants to hear “great work” when they deliver and “here’s an idea to try” when they don’t.

Feedback, not the absence of it, is the reward the most experienced team members most desire. No one learns without it.

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