The St. Patrick’s Committee of Holyoke has selected five Colleen finalists after hosting their 68th annual Colleen Pageant on Saturday, January 6th, 2024. After receiving overwhelming interest from the community in this year’s pageant, five finalists were chosen from a group of eighteen contestants who competed to be one of the Holyoke Colleens.

Each year the Committee chooses a Grand Colleen who reigns with her Colleen Court on a majestic float over the two-mile parade route. Not only does this honor represent women who are proud of their Irish heritage and community, but this journey helps them build connections, gain self-confidence, and develop skills that will help in their present and future career paths.

Eighteen women competed for a spot as a finalist at the 68th annual Holyoke Grand Colleen Pageant on Saturday, January 6th, 2024 at Holyoke High School.

2024 Holyoke Colleen Finalists:

Amelia Frances George* – Age 22, Holyoke, MA

Elizabeth Katherine Gourde – Age 22, Holyoke, MA

Hunter Rose Edwards – Age 19, Holyoke, MA

Natalie Belle Morris – Age 19, Holyoke, MA

Taryn Shaylene Ryan – Age 21, Holyoke, MA

*Amelia George was also selected as Miss Congeniality, an honor that is selected by the contestants.

“The Colleen Pageant Judges had the most difficult job on Saturday evening. I know that the families and friends of all the contestants are proud of their accomplishments and for taking the chance to be Colleen” said Hayley Dunn, 2024 Parade President. “I’m thankful to all of the contestants for helping to ensure the legacy of the Holyoke Colleen lives on. Congratulations to Amelia, Elizabeth, Hunter, Natalie and Taryn and I hope that they enjoy every moment of the Green Season in Holyoke!”

The St. Patrick’s Committee of Holyoke exemplifies an ongoing commitment to four words: God, Country, Heritage, and Service. The 2024 Grand Colleen will be honored at the Grand Coronation Ball and Awards Reception on February 17th, 2024.

Photo of winners attached, from left to right:
-Elizabeth Katherine Gourde
-Natalie Belle Morris
-Hunter Rose Edward’s
-Taryn Shaylene Ryan
-Amelia Frances George (Miss Congeniality)

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