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At forty-two years old with no family history of cancer, Delia Passi’s life would get turned upside down after undergoing a mammogram. Passi would suffer from having to go through lumpectomies and a mastectomy because of medical negligence. This horrific experience resulted in Passi leaving her job as a magazine publisher to launch a US company that would help women to find the best healthcare possible.

Passi experienced unnecessary stories, improper diagnostic tools, and no updated machinery within her own town. She wants to make sure women find the best quality of healthcare they deserve around them. Passi said, “No woman should question where they should go.” Her vision is to empower every woman in America to make better healthcare choices. The company Passi has launched called WomenCertified includes the Women’s Choice Award that identifies the best brands, companies, and healthcare facilities.

Each hospital is ranked and award winning doctors are chosen through the Women’s Choice Award. Over 500 hospitals carry the award. For instance, moms who are expected to have their first child, can locate which hospital will give them the best care when they go into labor. The birth of a child is to be taken seriously, to avoid maternal baby deaths. The government data that reports on healthcare complications, readmission, safety, and every data set will help to determine which hospitals will be most substantial.

The Women’s Choice Award has not only a powerful methodology of where to go for the best health care for the best hospitals, but also how to help women choose the best colleges, job search, house hunt, control their finances, and more.

When women make the decision to go to college, the Women’s Choice Award can find a college that will appeal to them. Some considerations include the safety of the campus and getting the education that will apply to your future career. The Women’s Choice Award can also help find the job or career that will suit you. Passi says, “Those companies will mold you as a woman.” Some factors women can consider when finding a job are finding companies with a track record for hiring women and the tools to succeed.

Once a woman finds a house, there will be more finances to control. The best financial advisor can be found on the Women’s Choice Award website to be able to manage expenses.

The Women’s Choice Award works to make women’s voices heard through surveys by providing feedback on brands along with opinions on health, family life, and more. Over 700 brands women have recommended are now under the company. The information that is received by all women is used to bring the best recommendations of products, which allows for better consumer choices. The Women’s Choice Award is social proof, women consumers will know other women have tested the products.

Growth strength in WomenCertified has come from partnerships like Walmart. Walmart will play the company’s Mom Hacks radio program throughout the Walmart store. The radio program brings consumers tips while they shop. Passi stated, “One of our goals is to be a household name for healthcare products and to help make better consumer choices.”

Passi discussed how the economy has been having its ups and downs. A company can become a hit with decisions and move quickly. If the company is not funded, it should find resource partners. “There is always opportunity for funding, not for women,” said Passi.

When looking for products women will see a highly-rated search engine company. Digital marketing, target ads, and word of mouth have become fundamental for the Women’s Choice Award.

More information in regards to the Women’s Choice Award can be accessed at Women don’t have to register,but can join at the top of the website and become part of the consumer voice. Surveys are consistently sent out to thousands of women. For every survey that is sent out, a dollar is donated to a woman’s choice of charity.

Another website that is in development and will be launching this summer is This website will be for millennial women that will provide different preferences for wellness products, prescriptions, and drugs for women.

Passi had a clear vision when she started this company and has seen her company grow so much over the last few years. Passi’s advice for launching a company is to have a good appearance, to think on your feet, have the right attitude and be agile. It’s also important to network, stay and grow with people, connect on LinkedIn, and to be ready to leave a job. When considering starting a business, a plan will have to be established and self-funded. For Passi it took her two years of research, planning, studying competitors, speaking to women, studying and knowing the market, and figuring out her first steps in launching.

Becoming a female CEO for Passi was done through her ability to not give up. She fosters the success of others, believes in giving back, values opinions, pushes boundaries and her vision will only grow from here.

Kaleigh Thomas – Staff Writer

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