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Henry Ford said, “Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t—you’re right.” We often understate the impact our mindset has on the way things will play out, professionally or personally. All actions start with thoughts, and thoughts will eventually become actions. So when you implement strategies that take into account both thoughts and actions, miracles can happen.

When I coach my clients, I don’t just teach them about business. I show them how to up-level their mindset and take inspired action steps. I guide them through the process of cleaning up their thoughts and raising their energetic vibration. I lay out the appropriate action steps they need to take. I make sure their actions, thoughts, and goals are all in alignment. This is how you create success and prosperity beyond where you currently are.

For the most part, when businesses are struggling, it isn’t that they’re lacking the perfect marketing strategy. That has its place, sure, but it’s most likely that their goals aren’t aligning with how they’re feeling or what they’re doing. This can manifest itself in many ways: inconsistent branding, wishy-washy sales tactics, scattered web presence. What the business owner is lacking is a toolkit chock full of exercises and techniques to keep their goals, work, and beliefs in line with each other.

If this sounds like you—if you’re struggling to advance in your business because of your negative feelings, because you aren’t doing the things you need to go, because your goals aren’t in line with the trajectory you’re on—I have two simple pieces of advice.

Change your habits. Partake in daily activities that nurture your mind, body, and soul. Do you eat healthy food, drink enough water, exercise every week? Are you spending quality time with your friends or family, laughing, or taking time for rest and relaxation? Take time to do something that you enjoy today. You’ll feel invigorated, refreshed, and ready to take on the universe.

Change your attitude. The entire world shifts around you when you look at it differently. If you stop thinking life is happening to you, you will start to see how it is happening for you. As Mike Dooly said, “if the universe was out to get you, it would have gotten you by now.”


Phyliss Francis, MA CLC PCC

When I was not yet 10 years old, my father decided to have a very special heart-to-heart with his daughters.

He said, “You girls have to be the best at everything you do to succeed in this world because you have two strikes against you: you are Black and you are women.”

In that moment, I bought into this belief: In order for me to transcend my race and gender “strikes,” I need to excel in everything if I want to be on an equal playing field with the general population.

I was compelled to prove that I was “good enough” to assimilate into the mainstream.

However, this insatiable quest to belong made it difficult for me to recognize my natural gifts and talents because I was too busy trying to fit in and excel. So, I tried to fit in socially and professionally everywhere, by being perfect so that everyone would know my true value surpassed being the token black woman who was only chosen to fulfill a diversity quota. Consequently, after playing Division I sports in college, earning two degrees, acquiring multiple certifications, promotions and awards, I became exhausted and unsatisfied because my insatiable appetite to achieve was fueled by underlying feelings of unworthiness and dissatisfaction.
I knew something had to change.

I started my coaching and consulting business after spending years in Corporate America and the nonprofit sector, as a coach, instructor and mental health professional. Now, I was ready to control my professional and financial destiny, express my creativity, and step into my leadership role. I was ready to make money and add three more hours to my day, so I could travel and do more of what I love.
So, I became an entrepreneur on a quest for success and fulfillment.

This meant I worked with dozens of business coaches, consultants, and spiritual leaders, and spent thousands of dollars in certifications, trainings, seminars, workshops and classes. I read hundreds of books, watched videos and listened to hours of motivational audios. Not only did I feel the need to learn every aspect of entrepreneurship, I knew I had to “skill up” to grow a successful 6-figure business.

However, while I was creating a successful business and achieving wealth, I discovered that something deeper and more profound was at play in this life. Yes, we can make more money and change our environments, but real transformation happens from the inside out.
Fortunately, I discovered the power of Spiritual Principles and Universal Law and explored how consciousness can transcend race and class.

After a failed engagement, I moved to Honolulu. I changed my mindset to focus from what is wrong to what is working, and continued expanding my coaching toolbox, and natural gifts and talents. Suddenly, I felt my perception shift from self-judgment to self-acknowledgement and realized that life is not happening “to me”, it is happening “for me”. In Hawaii, I met my husband, Joseph, my step-daughter, Yasmin, and had my beautiful daughter, Autumn. Currently, my family and I live in Los Angeles.
Now I effortlessly express my Authentic Self in everything I do.

I continue to attract diverse professional and personal projects that utilize my natural gifts and talents. Today, I am experiencing more joy and fulfillment than ever before. My hope is that by working with me, you will be able to experience more success, freedom and joy in your life too!

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