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Animals possess an instinctual wisdom and profound connection to the natural
world that we, as pet caretakers and animal lovers, deeply admire. Many of us
yearn to understand their thoughts, feelings, and needs more clearly. Beyond
traditional methods of communication through behavior observation and vocal
signals, there exists a deeper, more intuitive way to connect with our animal
companions—through energy and intuition.

Understanding Energetic Communication
Every living being emits an energy field—a subtle electromagnetic aura generated
by the body’s biological processes. This field reflects our physical and emotional
states and serves as a medium for profound communication. When we interact
closely with animals, our energy fields can merge, creating a shared energetic
space that allows for an exchange of bioenergetic information.

The Science Behind Heart and Brain Synchronization
Research in fields like HeartMath and neuroscience has shown that humans and
animals can achieve synchronization of heart rates and brain waves during close,
empathetic interactions. This synchronization fosters a deep sense of calm and
connection, making it easier to intuitively sense each other’s emotional states and
needs. When our heart rhythms and brain waves align with those of our pets, we
create a harmonious energetic environment conducive to deeper communication.
Techniques for Energetic Communication with Animals

1. Grounding and Centering
Before attempting to connect with your pet on an energetic level, it is essential to
ground and center yourself. Grounding stabilizes your energy field, making it
easier to interact harmoniously with your pet’s energy. Stand or sit with your feet
flat on the ground, close your eyes, and visualize roots growing from your feet into
the earth. This visualization helps anchor you, creating a balanced foundation for

2. Heart-Focused Breathing
Heart-focused breathing is a powerful technique to achieve heart coherence. Close
your eyes and take slow, deep breaths, focusing on your heart area. Imagine
breathing in and out through your heart, cultivating a feeling of love or gratitude.
As you do this, visualize your pet in your mind’s eye. This practice helps
synchronize your heart rate with your pet’s, fostering a deeper emotional

3. Energy Scanning
Energy scanning involves using your hands to sense your pet’s energy field. Slowly
move your hands a few inches above or barely touching your pet’s body, paying
attention to any changes in temperature, tingling sensations, or areas that feel
different. Beginners might identify changes in energy fields by noting warmer or
cooler areas or feeling a sense of tingling. This practice helps you tune into your
pet’s energy and identify areas of tension or discomfort that might need attention.

4. Visualization and Thought Transmission
Visualization and thought transmission are powerful tools for deepening your
connection with your pets. By creating clear mental images and emotions, you can
communicate on a deeper level. Visualize your pet in states of health, calmness,
and desired behaviors, and project emotions like love, confidence, happiness, and
peace. Find a quiet space, relax, and focus on your pet, sending these visualizations
and feelings as a beam of light or energy. Practical tips include imagining your pet
playing happily or resting calmly.

5. Emotional Projection
Emotions are a universal language understood by all beings. To communicate with
your pet, focus on a positive emotion such as love, calm, or happiness. Visualize
this emotion as a colored light or wave that envelops both you and your pet. By
projecting this emotional energy, you create a harmonious environment that
supports mutual understanding and emotional bonding.

Receiving Messages from Your Pet
Just as you can send messages to your pet, you can also receive intuitive insights
from them. This process involves quieting your mind, being present, and opening
yourself to the subtle cues and impressions from your pet.

1. Mindfulness and Presence
Being fully present with your pet is crucial for intuitive communication. Practice
mindfulness by focusing on the current moment, observing your pet without
judgment, and tuning into their behavior and body language. Heightened
awareness allows you to pick up on subtle signals such as changes in posture, eye
contact, or vocalizations.

2. Empathic Listening
Empathy is the ability to sense and feel the emotions of another being. By
empathically listening to your pet, you can gain insights into their feelings and
needs. Sit quietly with your pet, close your eyes, and try to feel into their emotional
state. Challenges might include distractions or preconceived notions; overcoming
these involves remaining patient and open.

3. Journaling Intuitive Impressions
Keeping a journal of your intuitive impressions can help you refine your skills and
track your progress. After spending time with your pet, write down any thoughts,
feelings, or images that come to mind. Over time, you may notice patterns and gain
deeper insights into your pet’s emotional and physical world. Use prompts like
“What emotions did I sense from my pet today?” or “Did I notice any changes in
my pet’s behavior?”

Case Studies and Real-Life Examples
Many pet owners have reported profound experiences of intuitive communication
with their animals. For example, a woman noticed that her normally playful dog
was unusually withdrawn. Through quiet meditation and empathic listening, she
sensed that her dog was feeling anxious about a recent change in the household,
such as the moving in of her daughter’s boyfriend. By addressing this anxiety with
extra attention and reassurance, she was able to restore her dog’s sense of security
and well-being.
In another case, a man used visualization to help his cat adjust to a new home. He
spent time each day imagining his cat exploring the new space, feeling safe and
comfortable. Soon after, his cat began to venture out more confidently, indicating
that the visualization had a positive impact.

In my Reiki practice, I treated a wonderful older dog with congestive heart failure,
trouble breathing, and a lack of appetite. After giving the dog an energy session
and suggesting surrounding it with specific colors and applying various essential
oils, the dog lived another year. I treated this dog every three weeks, and the
improvement was remarkable.

The Benefits of Energetic Communication
Communicating with animals on an energetic level offers numerous benefits. It
strengthens the bond between you and your pet, enhances mutual understanding,
and promotes emotional and physical well-being for both parties. By tapping into
your intuitive abilities, you can become a more attuned and responsive pet owner,
fostering a harmonious and fulfilling relationship with your animal companion.

Energetic communication with animals is a transformative practice that deepens
the connection between humans and their pets. By understanding and utilizing the
principles of energy fields, heart coherence, and intuitive sensing, you can unlock a
new level of understanding and empathy with your animal friends. Embrace these
techniques with an open heart and mind, and embark on a journey of profound
connection and mutual respect with the animal kingdom.

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Jan Jeremias, MSc., DTM, RYT, CR, CSO is a clinical research scientist, and expert in the usage of essential oils. Jan is a Health Coach for people and pets and is the co-author of the top selling aromatherapy book SpOIL Your Pet: A Practical Guide to Using Essential Oils in Dogs and Cats. Jan is also an energy and Reiki practitioner for Pets and has her own podcast: “Pets, People, Life, and Longevity”. Also, watch for Jan’s monthly column each month here in PET CORNER at Western Mass Women Magazine and in South Carolina Women Magazine. Reach out to Jan with questions.She can be found on Facebook, Linkedin, and Instagram.

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