Christmas came early for one Connecticut couple when they were named the proud winner of a colorless, 2-carat lab diamond from Baribault Jewelers. Specifically, the family-owned, fine jewelry company that’s celebrating its 75th business anniversary this year, announced that Sara Tuller and Oli DePalma of Bristol had won the dazzling diamond valued at $6,000 on Thursday, July 27, 2023 and presented the lucky pair with their stunning gift on Saturday, July 29, 2023 at its Glastonbury store. Tuller and DePalma were among more than 100 total entrants in the new program that served as the official launch of the store’s enhanced B Bridal Department to deliver an exceptional ‘Engaged Couples Experience.’


“Sara and Oli embody all of the values that Baribault Jewelers has embraced these past 75 years, namely, love, joy, gratitude and commitment,” said Annette Hainey, wedding ring and diamond specialist at Baribault Jewelers. “When you finally find the person that you want to spend the rest of your life with, there’s a lot of planning to do before you walk down the aisle, especially shopping for an engagement ring that fits your budget and what’s better than free?!”

Tuller and DePalma are now working with Hainey and the Baribault Jewelers team to create a custom-designed, 14-karat yellow gold engagement ring, as well as matching wedding bands as they plan to be officially engaged in the near future.

“I was thrilled when Baribault Jewelers drew my name from the pile of entrants live on the company’s Instagram page!” exclaimed Tuller. “As a marketing professional, winning a free gorgeous engagement ring will definitely help us create and finance the wedding of our dreams!”

Hainey notes that lab-grown diamonds are skyrocketing in popularity for their size, clarity and affordability, costing 30-50% less than their natural counterparts. B Lab diamonds are created, using a proprietary chemical vapor disposition process that produces gems identical to natural ones. Each B-lab diamond is GIA-certified and laser inscribed for identification. For maximum brightness, every B Lab diamond is F color or better, known as a colorless diamond. They are guaranteed VS2 clarity or better, with no inclusions visible to the naked eye.

“The result is so beautiful that only a skilled gemologist can tell the difference between the natural and man-made diamonds,” adds Hainey “We want everyone to know that yes, it is possible to get a stunning engagement stone for a fraction of the price of traditional diamonds.”

Besides lab diamonds, another popular trend in bridal jewelry is couples looking for engagement rings together. To capture the popularity of this process, Baribault Jewelers recently debuted its new B Bridal “Engaged Couples Experience”, which consists of a champagne toast, a sit-down consultation to determine the type, style and budget for the ring, a 10% discount on wedding bands and creative proposal ideas.

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