Have you voted for your favorite female professional yet? Western Mass W25 Women to Watch - 69omen Magazine is currently accepting ballots on the website for the annual TOP 25 WOMEN TO WATCH event.
This year, there is a new TOP category! “Young Careerist of the Year award!” How about some of you Sassy Gal’s out there! Do you qualify? Go to the website and click on the ballot see if you qualify for the Young Careerist, or any other category and have your friends, co-workers and family vote for you!
Get your votes in today!


So now that we are in the heart (and heat) of summer, what are your plans?? Day at the beach? Amusement park fun? or are you just going to kick back and relax with a good summer read? Whatever you plan to do this summer, enjoy yourself! Remember how short the summer season is and make the most of it! Even though gas prices are on the rise again, you can still have a fun day in the sun if you go to the local lake instead of the ocean shore! Find a lakefront beach in an area where you live, get the girls together, everyone bring something to eat and drink and go on your way to a fun day!
If you like rides, cotton candy and enjoying the theme parks, admission fees can be pricey! See if one of your friends has a season pass that you can borrow for the day. Some families buy several for the kids, so maybe you can borrow two and bring a friend. Most season passes are unlimited visits, so you could save up to 40.00 each on admissions. If you can’t borrow one then check out the papers and see what towns are having their summer fest fairs and carnivals! Plan to attend one in your area. Many cities and towns invite carnivals to their baseball fields and town greens for the townspeople. Usually free to get in, and area restaurants and gift shops have special prices on their forms of carnival food and gifts.
If you would just like to relax this summer and catch up on your reading, then invest in the latest NY TIMES Sunday paper. They list the top reads on their best seller list, and summer reads. Once you have the info in hand you can go to your local library and request some great books! Most libraries now hook up with other libraries and can transfer in books they do not have in stock at the time. It does take a few days in most cases, but sometimes a good read is worth the wait! If you have a Kindle or a tablet that has Android, or an I-Pad you can always download the latest books from Amazon, or I-Tunes for a small cost.
What ever you decide to do this summer, remember the season is short. You want to make to most of those lazy crazy hazy days of summer. Enjoy!!
Also, we want to remind you DON’T FORGET TO VOTE for your favorite professional “WOMEN TO WATCH ” for 2013-2014! The ballot is now up on the website, You want to READ THE DIRECTIONS before you vote so your vote will be counted! This year there are several new categories so check them out! walking on the beach


Hey all you Sassy Gals! Check out the new 2013-2014 BALLOT this Wednesday the 10th on our website! The Western Mass Women Annual “Women to Watch” voting ballot will be up and open to the public! You and your friends, co-workers and family can vote for your favorite professional women in Western Mass! Have a favorite Hairdresser? Dr? Nurse? Teacher? Maybe your favorite Web Designer? Get your votes in early! go to and scroll down the left side menu to women to watch, click on and the ballot will be there for you to fill out and send to us. OR you can fill out the hard copy ballot that will appear in the August/September issue of the Western Mass Women Magazine and send it to our offices in Feeding Hills.
This is a great fun event that raises money for scholarships for non-traditional women in need of more education to pursue their dreams and ambitions.
This year all you Sassy career ladies, there is a new top category! Besides the overall Professional Woman of the Year and the Volunteer of the Year we have a “YOUNG CAREERIST of the YEAR!
That’s right! If you are a college grad, between the ages of 20-25 and have worked with the same company for at least 3 years, and
have made a difference within that company and your community then you or someone you know may be eligible!
All you YP’S out there start thinking who in your organization may qualify for this prestigious award! Looking forward to seeing all you Sassy Gal winners at the big dinner event October 10th at Chez Josef. Get your votes in early!


We are only a couple of days away from the celebration of our Nation, THE 4TH of JULY! Somewhere between the burgers watermelon and corn, and going to the awesome Firework Displays, Please take a moment e to reflect on the brave men and women who have given their time, energy, love and even their lives to give us the wonderful freedoms we know in this country. The 4th is a wonderful day to celebrate with family and friends. But we need to remember those that went before us and walked the paths of Freedom so we could grow as a nation. Have a wonderful Holiday and God bless the USA! sparkling fireworks in the sky over the palace