Happy Holidays!

Okay sassy gals, it is t-minus 5 days until Christmas, how are you getting into the Christmas spirit? Are you feeling awfully scrooge-like? Is your inner Grinch coming out? Well, sassy gals it is high time you stop saying, “Bah-Humbug” and getting into the Holiday spirit. The holidays come but one a year so why not celebrate them with all you’ve got! Break out your ugly sweater, pour yourself a glass of eggnog and start enjoying all the wonderful little things that come with the holiday season.

This sassy gal is tired of hearing complaint after complaint about this Holiday Season. Especially the ones sounding like this, “It doesn’t feel like Christmas,” “I don’t have any money” and so on. Listen up sassy gals, the feeling of Christmas comes from you! Decorate your house, do some festive activities and treat yourself to some Christmas treats! Furthermore, Christmas and money do not go hand in hand. I know, wild right? The thought of Christmas and money not being connected is just bizarre to some, but believe it or not: it’s not! Christmas is about family, friends and the special moments you share with each of them.

So sassy gals, I challenge you to get into the Christmas spirit! I want to know how you celebrate the holidays!

Happy Holidays!

Sassy Gal

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