Sep 09 2014
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1. One of the initial ways to help improve grades is, closely monitor assignment due dates, quizzes, tests and exam schedule. This will help keep your child or teenager up to date in your classes. Plan your study time to fit the increasing demands of your curriculum. 2. Students who are reading below their current grade level standards should implement daily remedial reading lessons. The lessons should consist of learning the phonics rules (which can be easily found on the internet)....

Sep 09 2014
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Sending a child to school for the first time can rock the entire family’s world. It’s perhaps one of the biggest transitions for a family, as both parents and children abandon their familiar routine for a new adventure. With so many decisions to make, not only with the school you choose, but also with how to prepare your child (and yourself) for this change, it can be an overwhelming experience. Fortunately, Sue Beemer, Director of Sunnyside (a non-profit parent cooperative...

Sep 09 2014
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1.Heal self-defeating thoughts: “I stunk at math and my kids will stink too!” This was my greatest self-sabotaging thought as a Mom, and I had to heal! As Moms we allow toxic negative thoughts to run through our minds every single day. It’s time to stop it this school year! Moms can be defeated in their parenting before they get out of bed in the morning. Thoughts can’t be removed—they have to be replaced. So here is what every Mom needs to try: Face the fear. Just because...

Sep 09 2014
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Many gardeners do not even consider fall gardening because of the winter frosts that might make an early appearance. On the contrary, fall gardening will result in excellent vegetables and will extend crops long after spring planted plants are finished. Vegetables produced from fall gardening are sometimes sweeter and milder than those grow in the summer and offer a brand new taste to the same old veggies. What you choose to grow during you fall gardening will depend on your available...

Sep 09 2014
by T.J. Banks |
Comments Off on Do It Yourself Halloween Decorations

I’m like a kid about Halloween. So, come October 1st, I pull out the black-cat collectibles, the werewolf nutcracker, and other ghostly paraphernalia and have a grand old-time decorating. But handcrafting your own decorations for All-Hallows Eve is a lot of fun, too. Here are a few suggestions: – Tissue-paper jack-o’-lanterns and blossoms: Buy some orange tissue-paper balls. Then cut facial features and stems out of black construction paper, carefully glue them onto...

Sep 09 2014
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Spiritual books are known to be our best friends for their unconditional love towards us. Reading, generally, has always been one of our favourite hobbies. As far as spiritual inspiration and knowledge is concerned, there is no substitute of acquiring it other than from spiritual books. These books are fuel for our thoughts and beliefs, they provide us the inspiration and courage to stand up for what we feel is right for our growth. Spiritual books have begun to multiply in number...

Sep 09 2014
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Leaves turn gorgeous shades of orange and red, women put their flip-flops back in the closet, men put their golf clubs away, and bacon becomes covered in chocolate for a delicious sinful snack! September means one thing to the locals of Western Mass: the Big E is just around the corner. Three weeks filled with not only delicious eating but what seems like the world’s largest tag sale! This fair symbolizes my three favorite things, eating, shopping and concert-going. The food...

Sep 09 2014
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When most people think of slavery, the usual picture comes to mind. It’s typically an antiquated image of the antebellum South, complete with African slaves picking cotton on a plantation. It’s tragic, but having been abolished centuries ago, most would say it’s a reality only for the history books. Unfortunately, that’s not the case. Slavery still exists, and the business of selling human beings is booming. In fact, with close to 30 million slaves in the world, there...

Sep 09 2014
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It’s not uncommon to see it in headlines: a man cheating on his wife, and the scandal rocking the political or celebrity world. It seems as though the fault most often falls to the male half of the equation – but it seems those tables are slowing turning. The percentage of wives having affairs rose almost 40 percent over two decades to 14.7 percent in 2010, while the number of men having such affairs held at 21 percent, according to data from the National Opinion...

Sep 08 2014
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The Top 25 “Women to Watch”
of Western Mass 2014-2015

Special Thanks to:Denise Smith Photography of Longmeadow for both the cover shot and the individual head shots of the WOMEN TO WATCH of Western Mass 2014-2015. Also, thank you to the Springfield Museums for allowing us to have the cover shoot on the grounds of the museum. [smoothslider id=’1′] ...

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