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Youth Programs: More than Just Somewhere for Children To Be

By Lucie K. Lewis, Ed.D. | For a child, this is an exhilarating time, but as a working parent, it becomes that anxious how-do-I-stave-off-boredom-and-keep-my children-engaged-in-something-meaningful moment.

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Hampden Bank

The Next Big Thing In Checking...

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Women Wage Earners: Family Leave and Equal Pay

By Alysia Cosby | Many employees are working harder than ever to make ends meet

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Dr. Tami Nelson

Step into summer feeling great!

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Find A Man That Listens Or Teach The One You Love

Noelle Myers | I don’t want someone that’s perfect, I want someone that’s perfect for me.

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Susan M. Plourde

Distinctive Dentistry

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Youth Programs: More than Just Somewhere for Children To Be

By Lucie K. Lewis, Ed.D., Senior Staff Writer

As the sounds of summer approach, my mind always fills with the words to the Nat King Cole classic, “Roll out those lazy, hazy, crazy days of summer” and the Alice Cooper rock song,

Schools out for the summer…


Letter From The Editor


By Dana Swinney, Editor-In-Chief

After a brutal New England winter, summer is that much sweeter. Backyard barbecues, children enjoying summer camp, and taking a dip in the pool are what summer is made of. In this issue we welcome summer with you by providing some great grilling recipes, pool safety tips and suggestions for fun in the Pioneer Valley.