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Mar 14 2016
by Denny |
Comments Off on 5 Tips for Winning Negotiations with Your Contractor

Big home improvement projects can leave a big hole in your pocket, but you can lower your costs with these five tips for winning negotiations with your contractors. Research Always verify contractors’ credentials and experience before you hire them. If you are comfortable working with a contractor with less experience, you may secure a lower price, but there may be a trade-off in quality or time. A material cost list will help you decide if the contractor is charging higher...

Sep 22 2015
by Denny |
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Make it personal. There’s nothing better than receiving an e-mail from someone who makes you feel special. Be sure to address all contacts by their first name, and never send out an e-mail that looks or sounds boilerplate. Avoid formal language. You’re not writing an essay for college. You’re just trying to convey that you’re a normal human being with something valuable to offer. Take out the buzzwords, the fancy language, and the “sirs” or “ma’ams.” Instead,...

Jul 07 2015
by Denny |
Comments Off on Finding the Right Neighborhood

As the old saying goes, the three most important facts for selecting the right neighborhood are location, location, location. So, what about location? It is indeed a very important fact in the selection of your new home because a really nice, attractive, affordable home in the wrong neighborhood can be an expensive formula for disaster for you. The selection process is a critical key step for success. Use your real estate agent and their resources. They can provide you a lot of...

1.Checking emails all day. There’s nothing that will drain your time more than constantly checking your inbox. This will pull you away from the most critical activities that will actually make you money. Rather than checking emails throughout the day, designate a few blocks of time specifically for email activity. Outside of that, leave your email program off-limits. 2.Responding to emails immediately. Email by definition rarely requires that you respond immediately. If the...

Mar 20 2015
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Comments Off on Home Ownership: Love &
Mortgage Before Marriage

“First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes a baby in a baby carriage”. It may be a familiar playground song, however some millennials (those born around 2000), might add in, “first comes love, then comes a mortgage payment”. Some younger couples are forgoing a post-altar home purchase, opting to buy before marriage; signing the dotted line of a bank loan before starting their life as newlyweds. An April 2013 Coldwell Banker study determined “about one in four...

Jan 08 2015
by Denny |
Comments Off on Spring Cleaning The House Before Selling

I have been asked over and over again “Is it possible to make my home too clean to sell?” The answer is no! When it comes to selling your home you want to make your home as clean, finished, and polished as possible. Get rid of clutter, dust, unnecessary furniture, and leave it smelling fresh. A potential buyer does not want to see dust, dirt, or how “comfortable” you have made your home. When a home buyer walks into your house they want to know where they can...

Nov 18 2014
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Comments Off on Types of Agency Listing Contracts

When you are looking to sell your home it is essential that you are familiar with the different types of listing contracts you may have with your agent. Know your options before you approach a real estate agent to sell your home. There are primarily four types of real estate listing contracts, and each has its pros and cons. Through a brief study of the types of contracts, you can arrive on the one that is most suitable to you and your property. Open Listing As the name...

Sep 09 2014
by Denny |
Comments Off on Is it Finally Time to Sell your House? What Upgrades Should you Make?

That’s the question on homeowners’ minds as house prices just posted their largest annual gain since 2005 — congrats to those no longer “underwater” on their mortgages — even as interest rates remain tantalizingly low. But here’s the catch: Those same higher prices can make buyers as choosy as a Michelin restaurant reviewer. “A house with a $1,600 mortgage payment last year now has a $2,000 mortgage payment,” one broker told the Wall Street Journal. “Buyers...