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By Nely Galan What does it mean to be self-made? It’s not just about having money, but financial empowerment is where it begins. It means getting out of survival mode, where you are one problem away from catastrophe. It means changing your mindset from instant gratification to goal orientation. It means being able to sleep at night without worry. It means being rich in every way: rich in money, rich in family, rich in love, rich in time -being abundant! If you don’t know...

Photos courtesy of Vince Trupsin Interview with Gwendolyn Osborne-Smith 1) How did you get started in the business? In the entertainment business? My older sister was my very first influence and she was a trained dancer, so I followed in her footsteps. With her being 10 years older than me, she started taking me to theatre auditions at around 5 years old. 2) Why did you decide to leave The Price is Right for Smith Entertainment Group? I felt that I had grown and it was time for...

Feb 01 2018
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Erika Szychowski founder of Good Zebra is fearlessly striking out to disrupt the snack food industry. Erika is a global branding authority that has worked with a diverse clientele base from The Rolling Stones to the Olympic Games. Her passion for baking and strong brand vision are helping bring these tasty protein bar alternatives to briefcases and backpacks across the nation. Dr.Stacia Pierce is an award-winning life coach and author who helps women empower themselves to...

Sep 01 2017
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The Wicked Good Cupcake Story: Meet Tracey Noonan Submitted by: Lucie K. Lewis, Ed.D   When we look back on our lives, while we can certainly recognize those moments that had a dramatic impact, we can easily see the significant events that actually turned our journey onto a different path.  For Tracey Noonan, there are two that truly shaped where her life has gone. While in high school, Tracey had set her sights on teaching dance, although this was not the plan her parents...

Sep 22 2015
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Make it personal. There’s nothing better than receiving an e-mail from someone who makes you feel special. Be sure to address all contacts by their first name, and never send out an e-mail that looks or sounds boilerplate. Avoid formal language. You’re not writing an essay for college. You’re just trying to convey that you’re a normal human being with something valuable to offer. Take out the buzzwords, the fancy language, and the “sirs” or “ma’ams.” Instead,...

May 12 2015
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1.Checking emails all day. There’s nothing that will drain your time more than constantly checking your inbox. This will pull you away from the most critical activities that will actually make you money. Rather than checking emails throughout the day, designate a few blocks of time specifically for email activity. Outside of that, leave your email program off-limits. 2.Responding to emails immediately. Email by definition rarely requires that you respond immediately. If the...

May 12 2015
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1. Write down any personal details about your clients. This could be their children’s names or spouse’s name or their childhood hometown. Put this information into your CRM system. This way, next time you’re in front of your client or on the phone you can reference back to those little personal details. It’s one thing to ask, “How’s your wife doing?” It’s another thing to ask, “How is Sandi doing? You told me that she was taking Brian going to college very hard.”...

Jan 08 2015
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 Kate Vishnyakov of Kate Gray Boutique knows fashion but more importantly, Kate knows business. She owns Kate Gray Boutique, a fun, friendly, and chic specialty clothing boutique located at 749 Maple Street in Longmeadow, MA. She provides a personalized shopping experience and the opportunity to use fashion to determine and express personal style. Since 2007, Kate Gray Boutique has continued to grow stronger, despite being launched during a recession. Vested in the local community,...

Nov 18 2014
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Gina Barry has been talking to horses since she was a kid. At 12, she was working as a volunteer with the Therapeutic Equestrian Center where she met a Quarter Horse Gelding named Jasper, and they changed each other completely. “I was at the awkward adolescent stage,” she recalls. “And he had just come in from Montana, and he was a bit of a mess himself. So we worked with each other, and we both blossomed. We were just an amazing team.” Sadly, they were also...