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May 12 2016
by Denny |
Comments Off on Ready to Run? Simple Tips to Get Started!

Now that the weather is getting nicer, many people are starting to run outside again. Whether you are an experienced runner, a casual jogger, or someone who may be trying to get into a running routine for the first time, being properly prepared for you run is a must! A properly fitted pair of running shoes is a good start. Picking the right shoes can be tough but many athletic shoe stores can help you find the perfect fit for you. A proper 5 -10 minute dynamic warm-up before your...

Apr 13 2016
by Denny |
Comments Off on Getting In Shape for the Big Day

Are you looking to slim and tone for the big day? Proper exercise and diet are lifelong pursuits, but if you are trying to lose another pound or two before the day finally comes, try some of these tips. First, start drinking more water. Right now. Sometimes our cravings for snacks are actually signals of thirst from our body. Try drinking an entire glass of water next time you feel like reaching for chips or cookies, give it a few minutes and see if you still have that craving....

Jan 26 2016
by Denny |
Comments Off on Maintaining A Healthy Lifestyle After The Holidays

The holidays were a tough time for many people to continue or begin an exercise routine. Time spent with family and friends often centered around eating and drinking, so it’s no surprise that many people had trouble sticking with their exercise routines or diets, however it can be done in 2016! Try planning out your schedule ahead of time and dedicate at least some time to exercise. Even if you can only get to the gym for 20 minutes or so, it’s still much better for your health...

Sep 21 2015
by Denny |
Comments Off on Family Fitness for Fall

The temperatures are falling and the days are getting shorter, but that doesn’t mean you and your family should be sitting indoors playing board games. Fall is a fabulous opportunity to get outside and enjoy the fresh air, changing leaves and modest climate. Staying physically active all year round will ensure you and your family stay healthy, happy and slim. Here are some outdoor family activities to boost your fitness while spending quality time together this season Smooth...

Jul 24 2015
by Denny |
Comments Off on Fun Run — Choose the Right Race

Think about your friends and family — how many people have run a race for charity within the last year? The number may be larger than you’d anticipate, yet that’s no surprise. Running races for charity — from 5Ks to marathons — has become a common thing to do, for both amateur and advanced athletes. In fact, Running USA estimated that road races in the United States pulled in $1.2 billion for nonprofit organizations in 2012, more than double the amount from a...

May 10 2015
by Denny |
Comments Off on Get in Shape for the Big Day

Your special day is coming up quick. How does one get in shape for this special day, not only body, but mind and spirit as well? Katie Weiss, Director of Youth Development & Healthy Living at the YMCA, and personal trainer Marie Mason agree on some basic components for getting in shape for the big day. You are what you put into your body. It takes commitment and  consistency with healthy eating and exercise. Promoting a healthy routine helps a person make better choices,...

Mar 12 2015
by Denny |
Comments Off on Wedding Dress “Workout”

 It may be the most nerve-wracking question you’ll ever ask yourself… “How do I look in this dress?” No woman wants to look anything but spectacular on her wedding day. It may be short notice for this year’s summer brides, but now is the perfect time to march down the aisle and plan for next year. With that in mind, here are five great tips for getting in shape for your big day. 1. Total Body vs. Targeting Remember, just because your upper back is revealed in...

Sep 09 2014
by Denny |
Comments Off on Exercise is Key After 40

Once I hit 40, my metabolism stopped. I was no longer able to lose 5 pounds in a week by just eating salads and gone were the days where I could just exercise a few days a week and drop those unwanted pounds. With kids and a job, exercise is harder to fit in. On top of that, my 40’s brought with them a series of injuries that I am trying to work around. I soon figured out that I had to work smarter, not harder to meet my fitness goals. It’s obvious to anyone over 40...