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By; Tia Ross & Kris Miller, Contributing Writers Experts Tia Ross and Kris Miller Share How Women Can Avoid the Gender Bias & Shift Their Legacy It’s 2018 and we women are empowered, strong, and educated, yet there’s much more to do for gender equality. Confronting the female financial blind spot is the next step in the revolution. The conversation about the financial gender bias usually focuses income inequality, but another kind of discrimination has flown largely...

Jan 03 2018
by Denny |
Comments Off on Three “GIFTS” the new tax bill gives to children

TAX INFORMATION YOU NEED TO KNOW Ralph P. Guisti, President, Liberty Tax, Amherst The tax bill recently signed into law by President Trump has many changes in store for taxpayers. Liberty Tax Amherst takes a look at three tax breaks that could help families with children. Child Tax Credit: The $1,000 child tax credit has been doubled under the tax bill. The child tax credit, beginning in 2018,...

Sep 01 2017
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Comments Off on HSA or FSA – Which is it?

HSA or FSA – Which is it? Pat Grenier – Contributing Writer   Are HSA accounts the answer to surviving the high cost of healthcare and what other benefits do they offer? The increasingly popular tax advantaged HSA plan is high on the President agenda. It pays to learn more about the benefits and drawbacks.   There are a few ways of putting money aside before taxes for healthcare costs, the FSA or Flexible Spending Account and the HSA or Health Savings Account...

May 13 2016
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Comments Off on Is Your Cell Phone Bill As Much As Your Parent’s Mortgage Was?

Mine is! I hear from many of my clients how their cell phone bill increases year after year. Mobile companies offer so many different types of plans with minutes, data, texting, and other additional options, that it makes it even more important to review your family’s phone bill annually. You may be able to lower your costs and keep them to a minimum. Here are five ways to potentially cut down those cell phone bills: Who Is Your Top Ten? – Most companies offer a free...

Mar 14 2016
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Comments Off on “All You Need Is Love”…No, Wait!
Do You Have a Prenuptial Agreement?

Remember that great song from the Beatles’ early days? Quite a romantic thought. But really, it is quite a distance away from – reality. To prepare for marriage, review both of your finances with your head out of the clouds and your feet firmly planted on the ground. A complete picture of your financial assets and liabilities provides an important foundation for openness and honesty when you merge two households into one. If this is the second marriage for either, consider...

Mar 14 2016
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Comments Off on Marriage and Money

The “Big Day” is around the corner and a new phase in life will begin, so it is crucial to start on the right foot. Come to terms with managing your financial life by having upfront conversations on how each feels about money, who will handle what, how you invest, who has debt, and how your new family unit will deal with these issues. Here are some free online tools to make your financial life easier: 1. SmartyPig – Create specific goals for saving for a wedding,...

Jan 20 2016
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Comments Off on 7 Smart Money Marriage Tips

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching and couples of all ages will decide to get married. Making money work if one of you is a spender and the other a saver is a challenge, but here are 7 tips on money strategies for your marriage: 1. To mingle or not to mingle money as a couple is an important decision. Having one joint account as well as a separate account for your own spending money can lessen arguments. 2. Tracking spending is not a way to point fingers at one another,...

Dec 08 2015
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Comments Off on It Is That Time of The Year Again!

Thanksgiving dinner with friends and family, Christmas shopping and decorating and the anticipation of the New Year bring with it the realization that once again you must begin to assess your 2015 tax picture. I don’t know one person that relishes this overwhelming task. Even in years when the tax law changes are minimal, it is still a good idea to assess your situation as it may have changed. Make sure you consider the tax impact of life changes, such as marriage, divorce,...

Sep 21 2015
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Comments Off on Five Things Your Child Should Know Before They Go to College

I recently overheard a conversation between my nephew, a recent college graduate and my daughter. The conversation went something like this: Nephew – I was trying to negotiate purchasing a car and had to get my dad on the phone. Daughter – What, couldn’t you figure out how much to pay? Nephew – I didn’t know what an APR rate was, didn’t know what my credit score was to know if I was getting a good deal or not. 
Daughter – I was trying...

Jul 02 2015
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Comments Off on The Real Harm of Market Obsession

I recently read an article entitled “The Real Harm of Goal Obsession!” by Marshall Goldsmith. In this article he writes: “Goal obsession is one of the greatest problems that I encounter in my interactions with successful people. Goal obsession occurs when we become so focused on achieving our goal (or task) that we forget our larger mission.” His point is well taken. It also holds true for many investors. These investors are so obsessed with the market that they...

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