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May 11 2016
Comments Off on How NOT to Landscape Your Yard!

Below I warn you about landscaping errors to avoid. Most of these errors are not catastrophic. Nonetheless, it’s often the little things that add up to make or break a landscape design so it behooves you to avoid these mistakes. Let me also note that, while these lessons are intended for homeowners who do not in any way consider themselves experts in landscape design, I do assume that you’ve at least dabbled in gardening a bit. This will help you avoid basic mistakes...

Mar 13 2016
Comments Off on Paint Color Can Create Just the Right Mood

Choosing a paint color for your home? Don’t ignore the psychological impact of color; hues create different moods and can affect behavior! “There are lots of good reasons to select a particular paint color, including personal preferences and design considerations, but often overlooked is the psychological power certain colors exert on mood, attitude, and outlook,” says Debbie Zimmer, paint and color expert at the Paint Quality Institute. “Even before you look at color...

Jan 26 2016
Comments Off on Claypot Snowmen

These darling Claypot Snowmen make the perfect couple. All bundled up for a cold winter’s day, and so easy, the kids can make them too! Supplies You will need (for each snowman): 1- 1 1/2″ diameter wooden ball 1- 2 1/4″ diameter clay pot 2 Buttons Gold ribbon Child’s sock Material or mitten scrap White craft or hot glue Black finetip marker Small and large paintbrushes Acrylic paints in white, orange and pink Clear coat spray Instructions Place newspaper down...

Jan 20 2016
Comments Off on Painting in the New Year

With the start of a new year, it’s time to take a careful look at the condition of your home’s interior, especially the rooms where you entertain. Start by taking stock of things with a careful visual inspection. Focus first on the space near your front door, where guests and family members will get their initial impression of your home. Then check out the family room, dining room, and bathroom or powder room. Look at the kitchen, too, where company often congregates. Create...

Sep 22 2015
Comments Off on Don’t Gamble On Housepaint
Invest In The Best

Since your home is likely your biggest investment, would you even dream of gambling it away?  Probably not, but you are rolling the dice if you apply a poor quality paint to your home’s exterior. A low grade of paint can fail very quickly.  It can flake and peel, expose a home to the elements, and result in costly structural damage.  Why run the risk, especially when it can actually be cheaper to invest in a better quality paint that offers more protection for your home? “Too...

Sep 22 2015
Comments Off on Halloween Treats
Little Ones Can Make

Here are some easy recipes that the little ones can help make and enjoy for Halloween! Spooky Witch Hats Ingredients: 1 box chocolate striped cookies (with a hole in the center) 1 bag Hershey’s Kisses® 1 tube orange frosting Place as many cookies as you can fit face down on a cookie sheet or serving platter. Pipe the orange frosting around the edge of each cookie hole. Stick an unwrapped Hershey’s® on top of the frosting in the center of each cookie, completely covering...

Aug 12 2015
Comments Off on Summertime D.I.Y Rock Candy

The rock candy: a sugar-crystallized memory of our ever-fleeting youth. My mother and I use to make them every summer when she ran her daycare. Mason jars, filled with colorful syrups, lined the windowsill, as I would stare at the sugar crystals, beckoning them to move quicker than a glacial pace. Seven days later, it would be all mine, and of course what I had left to share with my brothers. If you are looking for a delicious science activity for the kids, some creative...

Jul 26 2015
Comments Off on Landscaping Your Space

Here in the Pioneer Valley, where we experience subzero, dark, icy winters and humid tropical summers, the surface of the landscape is always changing. We are blessed with fertile soil and abundant rain. Is it because of this state of flux that many landscapes of clipped evergreens present an unchanging aspect season to season and year to year? My own landscape is all about celebrating each season, especially spring, summer, and the glorious blast of color that comes with...

May 07 2015
Comments Off on Helpful New Kindle Book on Home Painting

Just in time for the spring home improvement season, America’s leading authority on paints and painting has published an informative new book on interior and exterior painting sure to be welcomed by the nation’s legion of do-it-yourselfers. The Do-It-Yourselfer’s Guide to Successful & Satisfying Home Painting is the work of the Paint Quality Institute, whose mission is to inform and educate about the ins and outs of painting. That’s exactly what this new book...

Mar 06 2015
Comments Off on DIY Wedding Décor

Winter is filled with romantic fires, gift exchanging for the holidays, sharing warm cups of hot cocoa while snuggled together on the couch, watching from the window as he brushes the snow of your car and shovels your walk-way, and best of all Valentine’s Day. The day we pray for the velvet box with the sparkling stone inside. But what if that stone was not inside and what if there was no velvet box at all this year? Heck! What if there’s no man to even hold the velvet box?...

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