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May 11 2016
by Denny |
Comments Off on Massachusetts’ Gender Wage Gap Costs the State’s Women More Than $11 Billion Per Year

If the gap between women’s and men’s wages in Massachusetts were eliminated, each woman who holds a full-time, year-round job in the state could afford to buy food for 1.6 more years, pay mortgage and utilities for six more months, or pay rent for more than 10 additional months. Basic necessities like these would be particularly important for the 26 percent of Massachusetts’ woman-headed households currently living below the poverty level. “This analysis is a sobering...

Mar 13 2016
by Denny |
Comments Off on Weddings in Japan

Not surprisingly, weddings in Japan are very different than weddings here in America. Not only are cultures different, but traditions as well. In ancient times, weddings in Japan consisted of neighbors and family sitting around a small table for the ceremony, followed by dinner at the bride’s house. It was small and dainty, nothing extravagant or expensive like the weddings that take place today. Japanese weddings today are “Shinto-Style”, with a Shinto priest, held...

Mar 13 2016
by Denny |
Comments Off on Brains Over Beauty?

When choosing a mate, guys are hardwired for pretty faces and shapely bodies, right? Not so fast. Northwestern University and the University of Innsbruck research suggests men increasingly value brains over beauty in their long-term partners. Men and women who envisioned themselves as sole provider preferred a partner with domestic skills. Conversely, women and men who projected a future as a stay-at-home parent preferred older and established in a career. The study supports these...

Jan 20 2016
by Denny |
Comments Off on Muslim Women In Western Massachusetts

Bilqis Abdul-Qaadir A 15-year-old girl wearing a hijab – the traditional headscarf of Muslim women – is accosted by an older woman at a Western Massachusetts mall. “You and your scarf have no place here,” Laila Alawa remembers the stranger saying. “We’re free here in America.” Another Muslim woman, Imam Abdulrazzak, received a note from a proctor as she took the bar exam at Western New England University School of Law, asking her to remove her hijab, even though...

Dec 08 2015
by Denny |
Comments Off on RFID Testing of Consumer Products Making “Blocking Claims” and Why It’s Needed

When we coined the phrase Electronic Pickpocketing with Memphis TV Station and NBC affiliate WREG in 2010, I knew others would be quick to cash in on the business of providing protection against this technology-based crime. Competition was welcomed, as it validated concerns and pressured the payment industry to be more open and honest when it came to security issues with these new payment technologies such as RFID or Radio Frequency Identification and Near Field Communication...

 Social media continues to buzz with current events running the gamut between what Caitlyn Jenner is wearing, to what political pundits are saying.   While these topics receive national attention, a much more pressing issue goes often unnoticed, until April.   In April puzzle pieces and blue lights will again garner media attention.   Walks will be organized, commercials featuring famous celebrities will grace television sets, and for a brief time the nation will focus...

Sep 22 2015
by Denny |
Comments Off on September 18- October 4
The Big E

New England’s Grandest Fair takes place in West Springfield, Mass. For more details about the Fair, visit and find us on social media for more exciting news and upcoming events! ...

Sep 21 2015
by Denny |
Comments Off on The Good School Fit

What does it mean to say that a school is a good “fit” for your child?  Does it mean they receive enrichment in the arts along with a standard curriculum?  How about the amount of homework assigned or whether they are involved in a school garden? Do they have room to roam outdoors or is any recess given? How about a proactive approach to teaching students with learning differences? The questions you will ask reflect your values and beliefs as well as your child’s...

Jul 05 2015
by Denny |
Comments Off on Connecting Springfield Students with American Soldiers Through Operation Touch of Home

Since 1916, the American people have entrusted the National Park Service with the care of their most special places — their national parks. On August 25, 2016, the National Park Service turns 100 and parks all over the country are taking part in the commemoration. The Centennial will celebrate the achievements of the past 100 years, but it is really about the future. It’s about kicking off a second century of stewardship for America’s national parks and for communities across...

Jul 02 2015
by Denny |
Comments Off on Make It Happen: Return to School at Any Age

   The frenzy of graduation season has come and gone and many Western Mass women felt the excitement of seeing high school students cross the stage to receive their diplomas. It’s almost time for fall enrollment, so many of those students will immediately continue their journey from high school to a college or university, but some young women will not immediately continue on that track due to personal or financial reasons. Like many women before them, they are likely...

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