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Sep 01 2017
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Defuzzifying Dangerous Silicon Valley Company Cultures by Rex Conner- contributing writer   Google’s recent events have called into question its company culture, and the cultures of others in Silicon Valley. The questions swirling around the company culture will continue long after the current situation is resolved. With that news and other high-profile company cultures in the spotlight, it’s strange that no one is talking about the roots of company cultures. What is...

Jun 28 2015
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Leslie Prieto, Radio Personality

Leslie PrietoQ99.7 Radio Personality At a time when society is increasingly stressful, Leslie Prieto is the charming and inspiring voice you’ll hear to start your day on The Q 99.7 FM radio station in Agawam, MA. “Hope is for everyone. Hope is not a respecter of persons”, she says and that’s what she desires to communicate across the airwaves. Born and raised in San Antonio, Texas, Leslie’s radio career started as a volunteer at WAY-FM in Nashville, TN. Her first...

Mar 03 2015
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It’s not uncommon to hear someone voice a desire to do something – but will that person actually go through with it? If it’s Cherise Leclerc you’re talking to, odds are that the answer is an absolute yes. Cherise LeClerc CBS 3 Springfield Leclerc seems to have made a habit out of following her dreams, whether it was to play the harp (an instrument she first saw on TV at the age of 8 and has since been trained in, including a stint at the Gershwin Theatre in New York),...

Dec 31 2014
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As you once again celebrate the New Year, are there a dizzying number of those pesky resolutions swirl around in your minds just waiting to be chosen? What will you commit to do this year to improve yourselves? According to Health Magazine, the top ten New Year’s resolutions include: Lose Weight Stay in touch with family and friends Quit smoking Save money Volunteer Go back to school Cut back on alcohol Get more sleep Travel (,,20452233,00.html) Similar...

Nov 14 2014
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We have been sending soldiers off to war down through history, and through the years, many have returned with unseen wounds. We have long acknowledged the struggles of solders and veterans who experienced mental and emotional crises both during and aft er the conflicts they fought in. Historically, the symptoms they displayed were referred to by names such as combat exhaustion or battle fatigue. After World War I, with the trench-fought battles, it became known as shell...

Oct 19 2014
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Top 25 Women to Watch 2014-2015
Event on October 16th

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Sep 08 2014
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The Top 25 “Women to Watch”
of Western Mass 2014-2015

Special Thanks to:Denise Smith Photography of Longmeadow for both the cover shot and the individual head shots of the WOMEN TO WATCH of Western Mass 2014-2015. Also, thank you to the Springfield Museums for allowing us to have the cover shoot on the grounds of the museum. [smoothslider id=’1′] ...