Is Your Cell Phone Bill As Much As Your Parent’s Mortgage Was?

Posted on May 13 2016 - 12:42am by Denny

Mine is! I hear from many of my clients how their cell phone bill increases year after year. Mobile companies offer so many different types of plans with minutes, data, texting, and other additional options, that it makes it even more important to review your family’s phone bill annually. You may be able to lower your costs and keep them to a minimum.Cell phone family

Here are five ways to potentially cut down those cell phone bills:

  1. Who Is Your Top Ten? – Most companies offer a free minute program for the top ten frequent contacts. If a family bill has 25% to 50% of total minutes between ten numbers, it can be lowered to the amount of minutes needed for a master plan which could save money.


  1. Unlimited Texting – With children, teens and young adults, the best option is likely to go to unlimited texting. If you go with smaller amounts of texts, put a cap on each child’s texting so they don’t exceed limits.


  1. Only Change When An Upgrade Is Available – It can be easy to get caught up with new technology, but wanting a new phone each year adds significant cost to the bill. Consider purchasing insurance (especially for kids) in case the phone breaks.


  1. Employer Discount Programs – Many large corporations offer discount programs. In addition, a plan tied into a family plan with kids can save $40 per month or more.


  1. Don’t Dial 411 – With access to the internet, there is little reason to dial 411. Most companies charge $1.99 per call, which quickly equals an extra $10 a month if done a few times.


  1. For iPhone users, just call Siri!

Pat GrenierPat Grenier
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