Winter Wardrobe Essential: Peekaboos® Ponytail

Posted on Nov 10 2014 - 3:25am by Denny

Hats Women can now comfortably wear their hair in ponytails while wearing their winter hat

Introduce her to the latest in winter accessorizing this holiday season with the Peekaboos® Ponytail Hat.

From cozy textiles to an innovative design, with the Peekaboos® Ponytail Hat they’ve thought of everything she needs to maximize her fun this winter. She’ll never compromise on fashion or function thanks to their patent pending design that incorporates a secret opening in every cap to accommodate her ponytail. Whether she lives to barrel down those powdered slopes or a snowy walk in the woods is more her pace, the Peekaboos® Ponytail Hat offers her the versatility she needs to seize the day!

Peekaboos Ponytail
Their new Classic Cable design is the fresh reincarnation of the ubiquitous knit cap, featuring a beautiful cable knit pattern in a myriad of fashion forward colors. Each cap is lined with a fleece comfort layer that provides her with ample warmth and a soft barrier between her skin and biting winds. Its claim to fame however lies in its two cleverly disguised openings, one high and one low, that can be used to keep her ponytails neatly elevated and out-of-the-way.

In 2003, founder Danica Leigl stumbled upon her first prototype while knitting between college classes. From that first cap sporting its accidental gap, she received countless requests from friends and fellow students, eventually leading to the formal creation of the brand in 2007. Armed with a proprietary pattern and patent pending design, Peekaboos® Ponytail Hats are making a name for themselves and have already been featured as one of Kathie Lee’s favorite things on the TODAY Show! You can find these great styles at