Where were you six years ago? What was on your mind? Wouldn’t you love to read those thoughts today?

Posted on Nov 10 2014 - 2:15am by Denny

Our memories are our most treasured possession but with time all memories fade. Enjoy reading about your children growing up. Or your grandchildren. What was your child doing this same day last year? Every time you make an entry in our ten year journal you can see what was happening in your life on that day in years past. Use the Journal 10 to document the first decade of a child’s life, record a whole family’s important milestones or create your own personal memoir for posterity.

The Journal 10 provides the ideal tool to put an actual pen to actual paper and create an actual permanent memoir.

Just scribble down a few sentences each day and, before you know it, you have a decade of memories and observations at your fingertips! Each “daily page” of the Journal 10 offers room to write about one day – March 6th, say – every time it comes around from 2014 to 2024 (start any time in 2014). What fun to compare what was happening in your life on any given day as the years go by. The subject matter is totally up to you…record what you do or how you feel, what your children say or do, what you eat or what you read, financial data or medical notes, local weather or world events – be creative! This convenient personal volume also offers sections for long-range planning, monthly overviews, addresses and phone numbers, and special dates. Bound in a bonded genuine leather cover, this unique diary will quickly become a treasured possession.
Journal 10

A quote from a historical figure can be uplifting, but to read that quote from the actual book or letter written in that person’s own hand takes that feeling to an awe-inspiring level. The handwritten word creates a more intimate connection between the reader and writer than a typed page or screen, and the Journal 10 will create that connection.

• Takes just 5 minutes a day
• No pressure to fill a blank page
• Builds over time into a family memoir
• As you make each entry you see what was happening on that day in previous years
• Re-reading triggers memories of people, place and events otherwise forgotten
• Captures personal and family development and milestones

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