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After The Yes- To Do It Yourself Or Not

First, comes that magical moment when you say YES. Your mind begins to visualize that perfect day. The walk down the aisle; the perfect song ...

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Leading by example - local anchor follows her dreams

It’s not uncommon to hear someone voice a desire to do something – but will that person actually go through with it? If ...

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Today’s Greatest Adventure:
Being a Conservative Christian Female Pastor

It started out so safe; why, no one even raised an eyebrow. After all, I was just leading a young mom’s group at a community ...

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International Women’s Day
March 8th

The theme for International Women’s Day, March 8th 2015 is “Make It Happen.” The earliest observance of this day dates back to 1909 ...

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Who attends the Rehearsal Dinner?

An essential part of every wedding is the rehearsal dinner, where after the rehearsal of the wedding, a dinner is planned. The rehearsal ...

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Wedding Cake vs Cupcakes, etc.

“Times they are a changing”

 When my niece Jennifer got married in 2007 her wedding was held in Washington State, at a charming ...

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The Average Couple Gets
Engaged 3 And a Half Years
Into Their Relationship

A new study by a money-saving website in the US has discovered the average period of time between starting a new relationship and ...

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Non-traditional Registries - Getting More and Giving Back

As society evolves, so does the marital landscape and many of the traditions that go along with it. One such facet of the ...

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Home Ownership: Love &
Mortgage Before Marriage

“First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes a baby in a baby carriage”. It may be a familiar playground song, however some ...

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Three Ways to Answer any Question Without Stepping onto a Landmine

1. Fight the urge to answer the question immediately.
All our lives we’ve been taught that to win brownie points we must answer questions ...

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“Should I Accept or Should I Not?”

Have you been asked to accept the job of a Trustee, Power of Attorney Holder, Representative or as it was called Executor or ...

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Create a Healthier Pregnancy
with Sunny Start

It has become increasingly evident that stress is detrimental to our health. The impact of stress on health outcomes may be most apparent in pregnant women. ...

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Cover Showcase

Leading by example – local anchor follows her dreams

 Cherise LeClerc CBS 3 SpringfieldIt’s not uncommon to hear someone voice a desire to do something – but will that person actually go through with it?  Read more…

A Letter from the Editor

Love is in the Air

dswinneyHere it is, our highly anticipated ‘Everything Bridal’ issue. This is one of our favorite issues to put together as we know brides all over Western Massachusetts look forward to it…Read more…