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Five Things Your Child Should Know Before They Go to College

I recently overheard a conversation between my nephew, a recent college graduate and my daughter. The conversation went something like this:

Nephew ...

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The Good School Fit

What does it mean to say that a school is a good "fit" for your child?  Does it mean they receive enrichment ...

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Family Fitness for Fall

The temperatures are falling and the days are getting shorter, but that doesn't mean you and your family should be sitting indoors playing board games. ...

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New Cancer Detection Methods

Although a surefire cancer treatment has eluded researchers for years, being diagnosed with cancer is not exactly the death sentence it used ...

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Feeling Your Best through Breast Cancer

Cancer may be visiting your life, but it is visiting to help you heal something. It is not visiting to help you lose ...

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Empty Nest

I met with a dear old friend last week in New York who confessed she cried for four months last year starting ...

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Local Woman Sets Students On The Right Track

For eight years, Patricia Parker-Flores has made an impact on the future of countless students, devoting herself to guiding them on the ...

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Book Review
The Money Queen

Are you a material girl? The truth is that, as women, we all have a unique relationship with money. We strive for ...

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Boards Need “Bossy” Women

The reasons why women are not more equitably represented on Board of Directors are numerous and complex.  While women represent fifty percent of ...

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5 Email Tips for Great Sales

Make it personal. There’s nothing better than receiving an e-mail from someone who makes you feel special. Be sure to address all ...

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Five of the Hottest Makeup Trends for Fall

As summer rolls to an end, makeup artists and stylists are rolling out autumn and winter beauty trends. By perusing a collection of Vogue articles, ...

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Girlfriend in Your Closet

“Know first who you are, then adorn yourself accordingly”

I love this quote made by a Greek philosopher almost 2000 years ago. In ...

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Honeymoon Finds

As you start to plan your honeymoon you will see there are lots of options. So many that it could be overwhelming on top of ...

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“Children, have the herd instinct of prejudice against any outsider, and they are merciless in its indulgence,” wrote novelist ...

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Autism: Every Month is April!

 Social media continues to buzz with current events running the gamut between what Caitlyn Jenner is wearing, to what political pundits are ...

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Halloween Treats
Little Ones Can Make

Here are some easy recipes that the little ones can help make and enjoy for Halloween!

Spooky Witch Hats

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Don’t Gamble On Housepaint
Invest In The Best

Since your home is likely your biggest investment, would you even dream of gambling it away?  Probably not, but you are ...

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A Letter from the Editor

Top 25 Women to Watch

dswinneyIt’s no secret that The Women to Watch issue is a favorite of ours here at Western Mass Women’s Magazine. I believe it is also safe to say it is the favorite among our readers. The buzz starts months before the ballot and we all anticipate the big annual awards dinner. Every year our staff looks forward to meeting all of the phenomenal women that have won and learning their stories…Read more…